The North Fork is Our Home - Let Us Help You Make it Yours.

In some ways we are less like a company, and more like a family of craftsmen working together to produce outstanding work. We remain passionate about our craft, recognize that there is always a chance to learn something new every day, and always welcome both new opportunities and new challenges.

Passionate About Our Craft. And Our People.



President and Project Coordinator

“Building has been my passion since I was a little boy,” says Scott. “I remember when I was in high school and the guidance counselor told my parents, “This kid is a genuine carpenter — this is what he has to do.” And it worked out pretty well.

Prior to partnering with Kyle Schadt and reinvigorating North Fork Woodworks, Scott ran his own successful contracting firm, following years of apprenticeship with other East End builders. These days Scott works mostly behind the scenes applying both his passion and experience to managing the business side of North Fork, and coordinating the company’s many projects. Still, you’ll see him on-site nearly every day. Why? Because he loves it.

“These days, everything seems so money-oriented,” says Scott. “But I think any successful businessman started out with a passion for the work — that’s so important.”

“We feel a real need to serve once we’re out the door. We strive to really accommodate our clients — it’s the way we live our lives, and it comes across in our work.” - Scott Edgett

President and Project Coordinator, North Fork Woodworks



Vice President and Senior Project Manager

“I just want to build The North Fork house, you know? Really capture what a Real North Fork Home is,” says Kyle Schadt, co-owner of North Fork Woodworks. “Really high-quality, smaller homes with a lot of Craftsman and New England influences — the kind of places that wear in, not out — and get better over time.”

As a Fourth-Generation carpenter whose father founded the company, Kyle took nothing for granted and apprenticed for years with notable construction firms on both the North and South Forks before finally opening his own contracting firm. “I learned that you’ve always got to take care of the customer. One of my first big jobs came from a client who was taking a chance on me, a younger guy, so I put everything I had into it, and it came out great. We got a bunch of great jobs as a result, and we were off and running.”

As his business grew, Kyle realized he needed more seasoned help, and partnered with Scott Edgett to form North Fork. “It worked out great — we really complement one another, and both really care about the work.”

“It’s a great feeling to deliver a house. We didn’t just slap it together; every little corner’s been gone over. We take it seriously — it’s where people live, it means a lot to them, and we’re proud of what we do.” - Kyle Schadt

Vice President and Senior Project Manager, North Fork Woodworks

RACHEL TERRY, Administration

RACHEL TERRY, Administration

Office Manager

“I’ve got to say that I really love that every day is different here,” says Rachel Terry, Office Manager for North Fork Woodworks. “No two projects are ever the same, and I love that I get to work with clients throughout the entire process. When we deliver the final, completed home, I think I’m almost as excited as they are!”

With a background in both real estate and bookkeeping, Rachel coordinates all communications for this growing company, and serves as the primary point of contact for clients, both initially and during all construction phases. In addition, she assists in the proposal process and is tasked with keeping Kyle and Scott on schedule and up to date on a daily basis.

When asked what’s the best thing about working with North Fork Woodworks, she says, “What’s great about these guys is that they really are as nice as they seem when you first meet them. They really appreciate what everyone on the staff does, day in and day out, and they always say thank you — and mean it.”

Rachel was born and raised in Southold and, true to her North Fork upbringing, enjoys fishing, clamming, and, as she puts it, “Anything outside – I can’t sit still for long!” In addition, she loves to travel and lives with her family, including a 3-legged cat named Fluffy, in Southold. She can be reached at

“I love that I get to work with clients throughout the entire process. When we deliver the final, completed home, I think I’m almost as excited as they are!”

- Rachel Terry

Office Manager, North Fork Woodworks



On-Site Project Manager

“It takes a lot to build a house,” says Shane. “But the best part — for me, anyway — is that I get to meet with homeowners when they’re not at their jobs, but instead a little more relaxed, and excited about seeing the progress we’re making on their home. It’s nice to see that side of people, and to be a part of that.”

Shane has been working in the construction industry for over a decade, prior to which he went to school for architecture. Now in his third year with North Fork, he’s come to appreciate how the company works. “They invest in good people,” says Shane. “They oversee, but they don’t micromanage — they expect a lot, but they let you run with it.”

“If you have drive and work hard, it’s a great company to work for. To be honest, these are the most generous and honest people I’ve ever met.”

“It takes a lot to build a house. I feel personally responsible for every single detail of every project, and we always make sure it’s right, no matter what.” - Shane Burgher

On-Site Project Manager, North Fork Woodworks


The North Fork Approach

The North Fork Tradition of using time-honored techniques and superior craftsmanship to produce the finest carpentry serves as the foundation for everything we do. We apply this approach to the latest materials and methods to create truly unique and personal homes that stand the test of time.

Our Work

Although every project is unique, there is a common thread to our work: We always value quality over size and no detail is ever overlooked. Most importantly we recognize that our relationships with our clients are integral to our success, and always make sure to put them at ease throughout the entire process.


Contact Us

We understand that clear communication is the cornerstone of every successful project. As such, we always do our best to remain in contact with our clients not only during the process, but even before. If you have any questions, want to know more or would like to schedule an appointment, just let us know. We’re always happy to help.

“We love the suite, we love the design and layout, we love the workmanship, and most importantly, we appreciate the solid integrity of the building which we have been putting to the test with some very active living!”

– Renee P. and Steve F., Greenport

Let's Build.

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