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Located on the high bluffs overlooking Long Island Sound, this modern yet cozy home is one of the most energy-efficient ones we’ve built, and is designed for maximum comfort, energy cost savings and protection from the elements due to its exposed placement.

For reasons of zoning compliance, this unique home needed to conform to the existing foundational footprint of the prior home, which always provides an extra challenge for both architect and builder. By creating a fully modern ‘upside-down’ layout, with bedrooms on the main floor and kitchen, living room and decks on the second floor, we were able to maximize views all the way to Connecticut without sacrificing space or comfort.

This Soundfront home sits within a full insulation “envelope”; by thoughtfully leveraging geothermal technologies and hyper-exacting joining techniques in combination with extreme (up to R40) R-Value closed and open-cell insulation, we engineered a remarkably efficient thermal break to stop moisture and stabilize temperature. In addition, and because houses need to breathe, we added an Air Recovery System (ERV) that brings fresh air into the main duct line (trunk), and another to exhaust old air.

The result of all of this cutting-edge modern technology? A sophisticated yet traditionally comfortable home.

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